19 Delightful Disney Puns


You're welcome, people.


  1. Posted by lguidry803, — Reply

    Kinda ironic that he sings about how he cant wait to be king then......wellllllll........you know

  2. Posted by agcochran07, — Reply

    Oh my! I didnt get this at first but now I doπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he need to move faster. Mufasa movefaster

  3. Posted by broccolilee23, — Reply

    This is the coolest pun EVER

  4. Posted by elondixon, — Reply

    Help me I don’t get it

  5. Posted by shaldurp, — Reply

    its things like this that make me despise my existence

  6. Posted by halasanjoei06, — Reply

    Didn't get it for a solid 2 seconds but when i got it idk why i s c r e a m e d

  7. Posted by lilbuggie555, — Reply


  8. Posted by ashlyn0355, — Reply

    To soon...

  9. Posted by skylarwelty94, — Reply

    Loved it

  10. Posted by BrightmoonAnimations2, — Reply

    Holy mother of annoying-ass watermarks

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