Vegan Cheddar Jalapeño Biscuits | Minimalist Baker Recipes


8-Ingredient, 1-bowl vegan cheddar jalapeño biscuits! Surprisingly easy, so cheesy, and the perfect balance of spicy and savory.


  1. Posted by ldavis0432, — Reply

    I can’t see any mention of cheese in the recipe. Could someone point it out please. Also has anyone tried & had success with gluten free flour?

  2. Posted by word4yoga, — Reply

    Too dry for me- I made the whole recipe and came out with exactly 5 biscuits 1” high each. I might use the recipe again but make some changes flavor wise

  3. Posted by jesc5819, — Reply

    Best biscuits ever. So good with sweet potato chili

  4. Posted by asiabhl, — Reply


  5. Posted by ldavis0432, — Reply

    It says

  6. Posted by christyjoyxxxx, — Reply

    so GOOD

  7. Posted by jillfennell, — Reply

    I made half the recipe and I came out with 5 perfect biscuits.

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